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15 Creative Gift Crate Ideas for Women in Their 30s | BrilliantGifts

Unique Gifts that Women in Their 30s Will Love

Women in their 30s are in a decade of transition.   They have left behind their carefree and sometimes wild 20s but are not quite ready to settle down, buy a mini-van and join the PTA like they might in their 40s.   She probably has her own place now and is focused on her career or maybe thinking about starting a family.   She likely has not yet achieved the financial independence she desires and is not spending a lot of money on things for herself.

Her gift “wish list” has changed from when she was in her 20s.   She is looking for gifts that are both beautiful and practical.   Items like home décor gifts, jewelry gifts and kitchen gifts now top her list.   However, just because she is starting to settle down it doesn’t mean that she wants boring gifts.  The best gifts should “wow” her and leave a big smile on her face.  Leave the gift wrapping to us and select a beautiful, exciting gift crate for women that she will love.


Creative Gifts for Women in their 30s.

 1. I’m a Pro-Poser (Yoga Gift Crate)

Yoga Gift Crate |

The 30s can bring new levels of stress as well as a slowing metabolism.   Yoga can be a great way to lower stress levels and stay in shape.  Whether she is a yoga veteran or just getting started she will love this yoga gift crate.   This crate includes “The Yoga Deck: 50 Poses & Meditations for Body, Mind & Spirit” which will allow her to practice at home when she can’t make it to a class.  She can show off her love of yoga with the sterling silver “I Love Yoga” necklace.   Also included is a personalized stainless-steel water tumbler, a yoga strap and mat cleaner with cleaning towel.

 2.  SheEO (Office Gift Crate)

Office Gift Crate for Women |

She has started to climb the corporate ladder.   She is probably spending a lot of time at work so why not give her a gift that will make her work space more comfortable.   With our SheEO office gift crate she will get a personalized name plate, personalized water/coffee tumbler, beautiful desk décor as well as a diamond pen and gourmet popcorn.  This is a gift she will use everyday and will thank you in her head each time she does.

 3. Change Your Blingtone (Jewelry Gift Crate)

Jewelry Gift Crate |

“No thanks, I already have enough jewelry” said no woman ever.  In her 30s she will have more opportunities to dress up as she attends weddings, work functions, etc.    Give her a jewelry gift crate that will bring some sparkle to her life.   With a sterling silver necklace, two sterling silver bracelets, a silk jewelry roll and some tasty gourmet popcorn, this will be a gift she cherishes for years to come.

4. I’m Uncomfor-Table Decorating (Home Décor Gift Crate)

Housewarming Gift Crate |

Decorating her home has moved up on her list of interests in her 30s.    She wants a beautiful and trendy home.    Our home décor gift crate includes everything she needs to spruce up her living room.   With “How to Decorate - An Inspiring & Practical Handbook” she will get the creative juices flowing.    She can then put those ideas into practice with a brass & glass flower box, candle stick, brass tray, wooden “Home” box sign and personalized coasters.   With this gift box her coffee table will be her new favorite piece of furniture.

 5. What a Tool (Tool Gift Crate)

Tool Set for Women |

Now that she is in her own place, there will always be projects to work on.    There is nothing she can’t do if she has the right tools.  Our tool gift crate is just what she needs for her next DIY project.    With a 39-piece tool set, drywall anchor kit, picture hanging kit, hot glue gun, duct tape, magnetic level and magnetic wristband she’ll have everything she needs to tackle that “to do list.”  Who needs a handyman when she has her own tools and YouTube.

 6. You Herb It Here First (Spice Gift Crate)

Spice House Warming Gift |

Add some spice to her life with this fun spice gift.   A large collection of spices is a must have for every home owner.    With this spice gift crate, she will get 12 sample size spices from around the world.  Also included is an impressive marble mortar and pestle set that is as beautiful as it is practical.  Lastly, she will love growing her own spices from the included basil and cilantro grow pots.    

 7. Time to Wine Down (Wine Gift Crate)

Wine Gift for Women |

As she starts to entertain at home, she will love showing off her creative wine accessories in this wine themed gift crate.  Included in this gift box: two personalized wine glasses (engrave her name or favorite saying), insulated wine tumbler, 6-pack of wine charms, fashion wine accessory set (little black dress bottle opener and both a shoe and purse bottle stopper) and “Wine Isn't Rocket Science: A Quick and Easy Guide to Understanding, Buying, Tasting and Pairing Every Type of Wine” hardcover book.  She will quickly be impressing all her friends with her new wine expertise. 

 8. I Knead This (Baking Gift Crate)

Baking Gifts for Women |

If she loves to bake, our home-made bread gift crate is the perfect choice for her.    In addition to French bread mix that she can bake in her oven or bread maker, this gift includes several kitchen items that she will use for years to come.  A silicone baking mat, cotton canvas apron, 3-piece decorative spatula set, and stainless-steel measuring cups and spoons are all included.   Noting beats the smell of fresh baked bread.

 9. Still Happily Ever After (Love Gift Crate)

Anniversary Gift Crate |

Show her how important she is to you with one of our love gift crates.  Celebrate your relationship with personalized champagne flutes and a cute “Me Without You” book.  She will know your love will last forever with the beautiful sterling silver infinity symbol necklace and bracelet.  This is a gift that will cause her heart to skip a beat.  

 10. Night Writer (Personalized Leather Journal Gift Crate)

 Leather Journal Gift for Her |

Whether she uses it for work or as a personal diary she will be very impressed with this personalized leather journal gift.   Hand crafted from premium top grain leather this journal is built to last a life time.   Also included is a rosewood handcrafted pen, a diamond pen and a 12-piece fine line drawing pens for doodling.       

 11. Nailed It (Manicure Gift Crate)

 Manicure Gift Crate |

She may not have time to get a manicure as often as she would like but that does not mean she can’t have amazing looking nails.    With this manicure gift crate she will have everything she needs for her own “at home” manicure.   With a 10-piece manicure set, several different nail files and buffers, top coat, cuticle oil and a wine tumbler to help relax on her home spa day, her nails will be the talk of all her friends. 

12. Keep on Procaffeinating (Coffee Gift Crate)

Coffee Gift Box for Her |

Give her some variety with her morning cup of joe.   With five coffee samples from around the world she may find her new favorite brew.   She can enjoy that first cup of the morning with her feet up in her new coffee socks.  She’ll love her new Irish coffee mug (even if she only has coffee in it) or she may want to take her coffee on the road with a 20. oz. insulated tumbler with lid.   For a little “pick-me-up” during the day she can snack on the chocolate covered espresso beans or tasty coffee candy. 

13. Womb Service (Pregnancy Gift Crate)

 Pregnancy Gift Box |

Having a baby is a major event in a woman’s life.   Celebrate her announcement with a creative pregnancy gift crate.  She will have fun tracking her pregnancy milestones in the pregnancy journal and will have plenty of names to consider with the “1,107 Baby Names that Stand the Test of Time” baby name book.  She can fight stretch marks and morning sickness with the belly butter and preggie pop drops.  Staying hydrated is important during pregnancy so the personalized insulated water tumbler will be a big hit.  The sterling silver baby foot print heart charm necklace will be something she wants to wear during and after the pregnancy.

14. These are Berry Good (Health Snack Gift Crate)

 Healthy Snack Box for Women |

Satisfy her cravings with a healthy snack gift crate.   With this “no-guilt” snack gift she can enjoy some delicious treats and feel good about herself at the same time.  This gift box includes three types of fruit leather, dried berry mix, roasted edamame, healthy trail mix, raw almonds, tasty turkey jerky and a personalized water tumbler.   This gift tastes as good as healthy feels.     

15. Girls Just Want to Have Sun (Sunshine Gift Crate)

 Sunshine Gift Box |

Everyone needs a little sunshine in their life.   If you are shopping for a friend in her 30s this inexpensive sunshine gift crate is just the thing to brighten her day.  Rays of sunshine are waiting to burst out of this crate when opened.  A variety of lemon candies, lemon lip balm, “You Are My Sunshine” scented candle, “You are My Sunshine” bracelet and a variety of other fun items await.  Every woman wants a little sunshine in her life.

Best Gifts for Women in their 30s   

The 30s are an exciting time of life for women.  Many important decisions will be made during this time of their lives.  The gifts you give should be just as exciting.  Hopefully one of the gifts in this list is just what you are looking for.   If not, don’t worry.    We have dozens of other amazing gift crates for women in their 30s.   Shop our complete selection at

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