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23 Birthday Gifts for Your Best Female Friend | Brilliant Gifts

Best Friend Birthday Gifts for Her

Drop everything right now, because it's time to find the perfect gift for your best friend. She deserves the BEST gift because she is your BEST friend. The best gifts aren't something quickly thrown together from the grocery store, they should be personalized gifts that fits her personality and her hobbies and interests. Why get her a boring gift card when you could get her a personalized birthday gift box filled with items that she will love and use daily.

To help you find the perfect gift for your BBF, we have compiled this list of 23 birthday gifts that you will be proud to give and she will be excited to receive.    

Gift Boxes for Friends Birthday

1. Birthday Gifts If She Loves to Work Out (Whey to Easy)

Price: $89.99 + Free Shipping
From resistance bands to a personalized tumbler, who wouldn't love this gift?


  1. Birthday Gifts If She Loves a Night Out on the Town (All Dressed Up and I KNOW Where to Go)

Price: $84.99 + Free Shipping
She will look stunning on your night out with this fun jewelry and handbag gift box for her.


  1. Birthday Gifts If She Loves a Sweet and Salty Treat (A-Salt & Flattery)


Price: $69.99 + Free Shipping
Sweet & Salty, just like her. This crate is filled with treats for the birthday girl.


  1. Birthday Gifts If She Loves to Draw (A Little Sketchy)

Price: $69.99 + Free Shipping
No matter her artistic ability, it is a best friends job to support her. So model for her sketches and get her an art gift box to practice her skills.


  1. Birthday Gifts If She Loves a Good Massage (I am Way Past Tense)

Price: $94.99 + Free Shipping
 What better way to spoil a friend then offering to give her a massage on her birthday?
  1. Birthday Gifts If She Loves to Be Classy (Cheese the Day)

Price: $99.99 + Free Shipping
Pair this gift with her favorite bottle of Chardonnay, and you have a classy night-in in the making.


  1. Birthday Gifts If She Loves to Read (My Weekend is Fully Booked)


Price: $79.99 + Free Shipping
It doesn't matter if they aren't the next William Shakespeare, this reading gift crate is perfect for the bookworm in your life.
  1. Birthday Gifts If She Loves Fashionable Jewelry (Karats are Good for the Eye)

 Price: $89.99 + Free Shipping 
The only one who could wear it better is Cleopatra. Give her a stunning gold jewelry gift box this Valentine's Day. 
  1. Birthday Gifts If She Loves to Sit Back and Relax (No ReSPAnsibilities)

Price: $134.99 + Free Shipping
Avoid the crowds and spend a night-in with your bestie enjoying this spa gift set. With everything but the kitchen sink, it's guaranteed to have everything she has ever wanted. 
  1. Birthday Gifts If She Loves Yoga (I'm a Pro-Poser)

Price: $84.99 + Free Shipping 
Help her strike the perfect pose, or maybe just watch her strike the perfect pose while she enjoys this yoga gift box. 
  1. Birthday Gifts If She Loves Succulents (You Grow Girl)

Price: $109.99 + Free Shipping
Give her a plant gift that even SHE couldn't kill. Your best girlfriend deserves a succulent gift crate to brighten up her birthday. 

  1. Birthday Gifts If She Loves To Get Manicures (Nailed It)

Price: $79.99 + Free Shipping
Her nails are about to be as beautiful and perfect as she is. Spend her birthday night-in and give her a manicure she may never forget (in a good way hopefully). 
  1. Birthday Gifts If She Loves to Host Parties (I’m on Tapas the World)

 Price: $84.99 + Free Shipping
While you may enjoy sitting at home watching movies, you know that your bestie loves to socialize and party. Give her a gift that can help her to invite OTHER people over while you watch your 3rd run of Grey's Anatomy.
  1. Birthday Gifts for the Clean Freak (Call Me Scent O’ Mental)


 Price: $79.99 + Free Shipping
Cleaning supplies, frankly aren't a great gift for you neat-freak best friend. But giving her something that makes it SMELL like it's clean, now that's an idea I can get behind. Give her a great smelling fragrance gift crate she will love.
  1. Birthday Gifts If She is Christian (Room with a Pew)

Price: $74.99 + Free Shipping 
She takes her religion seriously, so she deserves a gift that will aide her in her spirituality.
  1. Birthday Gifts If She Loves Her Cat (Feeling Catty)


 Price: $69.99 + Free Shipping
Now, you are more of a dog person, but wouldn't it be great to give your feline obsessed friend a gift you know she will love? 
  1. Birthday Gifts If She Loves DIY Projects (Don’t Give Me Any Lip)

 Price: $69.99 + Free Shipping
We all have that one friend, who really likes to work for everything in her life and doesn't want anything handed to her. Make her work with this DIY lip balm making kit. 
  1. Birthday Gifts If She Loves Tasty Cookie Dough (I A-Dough You)

 Price: $74.99 + Free Shipping
We all have that friend that eats the dough straight out of the bowl. Whether they make it to cookie or brownie form, this tasty doughy gift crate is perfect for the sweet loving best friend in your life. 
  1. Birthday Gifts If She Loves the Beach (I Need Some Vitamin Sea)

 Price: $79.99 + Free Shipping

The only thing better than this gift for the beach lover in your life, is a day at the beach! Grab this gift and hit the waves with your beach loving bestie. 


  1. Birthday Gifts If She Loves Bloody Marys (I Need Some Bloody to Love)

 Price: $74.99 + Free Shipping 

Know a friend on a diet? Why not give her a gift that will help her enjoy her vegetables. 


  1. Birthday Gifts for the Coffee Lover (Keep On Procaffeinating)

 Price: $69.99 + Free Shipping

You know that she should really be saving money. Instead of encouraging her frivolous spending at Starbucks, get her a coffee gift that she can enjoy at home.


  1. Birthday Gifts If She Loves Cocktails (Let the Fun Be-Gin)

Price: $79.99 + Free Shipping

 This cocktail lovers gift crate is great for her bar cart and for her taste buds, whether she likes a blue raspberry mix or a cosmopolitan mixer.


  1. Birthday Gifts If She Loves to Run (My Run and Only)

Price: $64.99 + Free Shipping
She probably won't qualify for the New York Marathon this year, but with this runners gift, she is going to have a great start for next year.


Birthday Gift Crates for Friends

No matter what gift you get your best friend, make sure that the packaging is just as great as the gift! With Brilliant Gifts, you have the choices of four unique, personalized and fun packaging options that are almost as great as the gift itself. Check out all of the best birthday gifts for her now at


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