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Coronavirus Care Packages for Friends, Family, Employees & Clients

Social distancing, home quarantine, COVID-19, epidemic, community spread, isolation and contact tracing.  These terms weren’t a part of our vocabulary a few months ago but now are commonplace in our daily conversations.  Even though our lives have been temporarily turned upside down, the things that really matter, like friends and family, remain constant. 

We might not be able to visit with loved ones as much as we did in the past but that doesn’t mean that we can’t reach out to loved ones to let them know how important they are to us and that we are thinking of them.

One way to bring a smile to a loved one you can’t visit is with a thoughtful care package.   We have created several new “coronavirus care packages” packed with snacks and other thoughtful gifts to remind our loved ones we are thinking of them, even when we can't be near them.  In addition we have dozens of fun DIY, snack and other gifts to help pass the time at home, they make the perfect "quarantine gifts".   Each of these care packages include free shipping to the lower 48 states.  In addition, with each coronavirus care package purchased, Brilliant Gifts will use a portion of the proceeds to donate treats and snacks to local first responders and health care workers on the front line of the battle with COVID-19.

To learn more about the donations we have already delivered, check out our Coronavirus Care Package Donations page Here. 


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  • Tequila Mockingbird $79.99
  • Ooh Spa La $97.99
  • You Made the Cut $54.99
  • Hello Beau-TEA-ful $59.99
  • I Want Some Bloody to Love $79.99
  • Best Sweet in the House $82.99
  • Night Writer $99.99
  • Call Me a Toe Truck $79.99
  • The Daily Grind $109.99 $94.99
  • You Herb it Here First $79.99
  • Don't Give Me Any Lip $69.99
  • No ReSPAnsibilities $139.99
  • Misters Before Sisters $79.99
  • I'm a Pro-Poser $94.99
  • Let's Get Fizzical $69.99
  • Time to Wine Down $109.99
  • Girls Just Want To Have Sun $54.99
  • Splish Splash $49.99
  • A Little Sketchy $89.99
  • Call me Scent O' Mental $94.99
  • Pasta La Vista Baby $69.99
  • Just BEE You $59.99
  • I Think You're Marble-ous $69.99
  • You Look SPAtacular $119.99