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Creative Hobby & Interests Gifts

Gift Crates based on her Hobbies & Interests are guaranteed to make her birthday, anniversary, or any other special occasion memorable. She will love her unique gift that is customizable to her. Check our our complete collection of gift boxes and gift crates today. 
26 products
  • All I Need is Louvre (Gift for Artists Who Paint) $89.99
  • Sale
    A Little Sketchy (Gift for Artists) $64.99 $59.99
  • I Need Some Vitamin Sea (Beach Gift) $79.99
  • I'm a Pro-Poser (Yoga Gift Crate) $79.99
  • I Need My Net-FIX (Movie Lover Gift) $59.99
  • Don't Give Me Any Lip (Make Your Own Lip Balm) $64.99
  • Whey to Easy (Fitness Gift for Her) $79.99
  • Weed it and Reap (Gardening Gifts) $74.99
  • My Weekend is Fully Booked (Gift Box for Book Lovers) $74.99
  • Not All Who WANDER are LUST (Travel Gift for Her) $84.99
  • Night Writer (Leather Journal Gift) $99.99
  • My Run and Only (Gifts for Runners) $59.99
  • Sale
    A Room With a Pew (Christian Gift) $74.99 $69.99
  • Sale
    Passed with Flying Colors (Frequent Flyer Gift) $79.99 $74.99
  • What a Tool (DIY Gift for Her) $79.99
  • Sale
    You Can Kiss That Goodbye (Lip Gift Set) $39.99 $36.99
  • SheEO (Office Gift for Her) $59.99
  • Waxing Strong (Candle Making Gift) $49.99
  • I Was Soaping To Meet You (Soap Making Kit) $54.99
  • Sale
    Rein-CAR-nation (Car Gift for Her) $54.99 $49.99
  • Girls Just Want To Have Sun (Premium Sunshine Box) $59.99
  • I am Way Past Tense (Relaxation Gift) $89.99
  • Feeling a Little Catty (Cat Lover Gift for Women) $59.99
  • Most Punderful Time of the Year (Christmas Gift Box) $84.99

Best Gift Boxes for Women 

Every women has something that she is passionate about doing. Whether it be yoga, exercising, painting, and more, we have the perfect gift boxes for every hobby and interest. That's what make Brilliant Gifts so great. Our unique variety of gifts are guaranteed to get her excited for any occasion in her liife.

We have gift boxes for home decor enthusiasts, Net-flix lovers gift crates, gardening gift boxes, reading gift crates, traveling gift boxes and much more. Check out our complete and extensive collection of gifts today. 

Beautiful Hobby Gift Crates for Women- Made Easy

Shopping for gifts for women should be easy and exciting.   Every gift we sell includes:

Custom Gift Packaging.  Don't worry about the wrapping paper, we have you covered.

Personalized Card.  Enter your personal message at checkout and we will print it on an elegant card which is included in your gift.

Donation to One of Our Partner Charities.   Your gift recipient will receive a card in her gift with instructions for her to select one of our four women's and children charities.  Once she has selected her preferred charity, we will make a donation on her behalf.

100% Satisfaction Brilliant Guarantee

Every hobby & interests gift box that we sell is backed by our "Brilliant Guarantee."  If you aren't completely satisfied with your hobby gift crate just let us now and our gifting experts will make it right.