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Birthday Gifts for Wife

Whether it's her 21st birthday or her 50th birthday, the best birthday gifts for her are personalized, beautifully presented and creative.  Celebrate her special day with a thoughtful gift that is fun to open and that she will use and remember all year long.   From stunning jewelry gifts to relaxing spa gifts and everything in between we have birthday gifts for wives that they will love.   If you want to remind her why she fell in love with you a romantic birthday gift for her may be perfect.  If she would prefer a practical birthday gift that she can use everyday we have those too. We have all kinds of birthday gifts for women so you are guaranteed to fin the perfect gift for your wife.  They say it's the thought that counts when giving a gift and we agree.  We make it easy to find a birthday gift that will show her how much you care and how important she is to you.   

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We have much more than just birthday gifts for wives.  We have birthday gifts for mom, birthday gifts for grandma, birthday gifts for girls, birthday gifts for friends and more. Most of our birthday gifts contain items which can be engraved with her name to personalize her gift and make it more special.   In addition our gift packaging can personalized as well.   Imagine her surprise when she opens our decorative keepsake diamond box to see her name engraved in a large 5" diamond keepsake.  If you prefer one of our wooden crates you can engrave those with her name or other text such as "Happy Birthday!"    Opening these beautiful, creative birthday gifts can be as much fun as the gift themselves and will leave a lasting impression.   

Birthday Gift Boxes & Crates

Forget the wrapping paper, gift bags and bows.  Every birthday gift from Brilliant Gifts includes beautiful gift packaging.    Choose one of four custom gift packing options:

  • Brilliant Gifts Birthday Gift Box

Classy black gift box with silver text.  "Brilliant Gifts for Brilliant People is printed on the outside of the lid and on the inside of the lid it reads "There are over 7 billion people on the earth and at least one thinks You Are Brilliant."

  • Diamond Keepsake Box
An elegant black keepsake box designed to look like a giant ring box.   When opened the recipient will see a large ~5" glass diamond keepsake on a black velvet tray which can be engraved with her name. The diamond and tray can be removed to get to her gift.  A very impressive birthday gift presentation.
  • Keepsake Pine Crate 

A handcrafted pine crate topped with a twill ribbon and a stunning piece of artificial greenery.  This is a wooden box she will want to keep and use as home decor or storage.  Engrave your own personable birthday gift message into the crate.

  • Sealed Plywood Crate

If you want a fun opening experience seal her gift in our plywood crate.   This crate ships with a custom pry bar that she will need to open her gift.  A fun way to make her work for her birthday gift.