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Brilliant Gifts 12 Days of Christmas - Day 12

12 Days of Christmas Deals

Every day from December 4th - December 15th we will share two great "Deals of the Day". To get these deals, add the items to your cart and use the code "Day 12" at checkout. Make sure you are checking back each day to see the newest deals of the day.

"There's Snow Place Like Home"


(Normally $49.99)

Use Discount Code: Day 12

"I A-Dough You"


(Normally $74.99)

Use Discount Code: Day 12

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Each deal will be announced at 8 AM (MT) and will be valid until the following morning at 7:59 AM (MT). To activate the discount you must add the item to your cart and enter code "Day 12" at checkout. No other discounts may be applied to these daily deals.