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Custom Gift Packaging

Every gift from Brilliant Gifts is hand packed with care in one of four exciting gift packages.  Each gift package include an elegant card personalized with your custom message. 

Brilliant Gifts Mailer Box - ClosedCustom Mailer Box

Your gift will mail directly in this box.   The outside of the lid reads "Brilliant Gifts for Brilliant People," and the inside of the lid reads "There are over seven billion people on the earth and at least one thinks You Are Brilliant."   

Brilliant Gifts Mailer Box Open


Included with this packaging option is a personalized 3.1" diamond keepsake engraved with the text of your choice.  The diamond and tray are removed to reveal the gift items.





Brilliant Gifts Custom Keepsake Box Closed

Signature Custom Keepsake Box

Custom made keepsake box, wrapped in silver silk ribbon with a diamond gift tag.  These boxes are designed to be used as a decorative storage box after the gift is opened.  Size of the box varies based on the gift selected.  The keepsake box is expertly packed in a cardboard box for shipping.

Brilliant Gifts Custom Keepsake Box Open 

Each signature custom keepsake box includes a personalized 4.75" diamond keepsake sitting on a black velvet tray.  The diamond and tray are removed to reveal the gift you selected. 


Sealed Plywood Crate 

Looking for a fun opening experience?  This plywood crate is sealed with both glue and nails and requires a pry bar (included in the cardboard shipping box with the crate) and a lot of effort to open.



While not intended to be kept for storage, if the crate is not totally destroyed during the opening process the recipient might decide to use it for storage.   Just watch out for finish nails and splinters since this wooden crate is in it's natural state and has not been sanded.  


 Hand Crafted Pine Crate

 Our hand crafted pine crates are amazing and bring an extra touch of class to any gift.  Each crate is wrapped in a ribbon and shipped in a cardboard box.    


With a removable lid this beautiful wooden crate is sure to be kept and re-purposed as a decorative storage box.




  Personalized Gift Card

All of our packing option include a personalized gift card with your custom gift message.



Brilliant Gifts Charity Card
 Charitable Donation Card

With each Brilliant Gift purchase we make a donation to one of our four partner charities.  Your gift will include a card with instructions detailing how the recipient can choose which charity will receive the donation for their gift.