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Birthday Box for Her

Birthdays should be a time for celebration and fun.  Your birthday gift for her should be exciting and memorable.  Why spend hours searching the web or wandering the mall when you can give her a birthday box which has been expertly curated and beautifully packaged.  Each of our themed gift boxes for women include a collection of four to eight creative, high quality gifts that she will love.  From spa and beauty to drinks and jewelry (and everything in between) we have a birthday box for every interest, hobby, style and taste.  Many of our gift boxes contain items which can be personalized with engraving to make her gift even more special.    In addition three of our gift box packaging items can also be engraved with her name or other text to make her birthday box something she will remember all year long.

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While we do have a large selection of birthday boxes for her we also have gift boxes for many other occasions.    We have wedding gift boxes, anniversary gift boxes, baby shower gift boxes, gift boxes for friends, thank you gift boxes, get well gift boxes for women, Valentine's Day gift boxes, Christmas Gift Boxes, Gift Boxes for Mother's Day and much more.   A personalized gift box makes a great gift for any occasion.  When you give a gift box as a gift to the special women in your life you know the opening experience is going to be exciting and fun.   

Beautiful, Creative Gift Boxes for Women

Forget the wrapping paper, gift bags and bows.  Every gift box from Brilliant Gifts includes beautiful, custom gift packaging, a personalized greeting card and a donation to one of our partner charities.  While other companies only have one box we have four to choose from:

  • Classy Brilliant Gifts Black Gift Box - Elegant black gift box with embossed silver printing.  "Brilliant Gifts for Brilliant People is printed on the outside of the lid and on the inside of the lid it reads "There are over 7 billion people on the earth and at least one thinks You Are Brilliant."  This gift box ships in a cardboard box to protect it during shipping.  
  • Diamond Keepsake Box - A fancy, rigid black keepsake box designed to look like a giant engagement ring box.   When opened the recipient will see a large (~5") crystal diamond keepsake on a black velvet tray which can be engraved with her name or other text.  The diamond and tray are removed to get to her amazing gift.  A very unique and stunning gift box presentation.
  • Keepsake Pine Box - A hand crafted pine box with black ribbon.  This is a wooden box she will want to keep and use as home decor or storage.  Engrave your own personable gift message into the lid of this gift box.  An impressive box she will use for years to come.
  • Sealed Plywood Box - If you want a super fun opening experience, seal her gift in our plywood gift box.   This unique gift box for women ships with a custom pry bar that she will need to open her box.  A fun way to make her work for her gift and something you will want to capture on your cell phone.