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Whiskey Business
Whiskey Business
Whiskey Business
Whiskey Business

What is Include in the Gift?

  • Personalized Black Powder Coated Flask (8 oz)
  • Four Black Shot Glasses (1.5 oz)
  • Roasted Mixed Nut Mix (4 oz)
  • Personalized Greeting Card With Your Message to Gift Recipient
  • Charitable Donation to One of Our Partner Charities (Instructions Included for Gift Recipient to Select Charity)

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Whiskey Business
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Whiskey Gift Box

"Whiskey Business" Story

Let's be honest, there is hardly ever a wrong place to bring your flask, to prove it here are the top 5 BEST places to bring your flask.


1. A kids school play. Whether it's your own children or a niece or nephew, there is never a time more necessary for a quick drink then at a 2 hour school play.


2. The beach. After a long hot day in the sun, nothing is going to hit the spot more than a quick swig of your favorite drink from your flask.


3. The office. You already are forced into uncomfortable clothes from 9-5 why not make your workday that much better?


4. In the movie theater. It may not have always been a flask, but you have been training on sneaking things into the movie theatre since you were a kid trying to hide your skittles. You got this.


5. Baseball games. Baseball is America's favorite fast time but can be some of the longest and most boring hours of your life. Trust me, alcohol makes it just a little more fun.


No matter where you decided to bring your flask, as long as you are drinking responsibly, you are going to have a great time.