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Cactus gift box
Silver Cactus Earrings |
cactus themed gift box
Cactus and Succulent Gift Box
Cacti Gift Box
Brilliant Gift personalized card and charity card

What is Include in the Gift?

  • 2.5" Cactus Succulent - Live Plant - Low Maintenance
  • Sterling Silver Cactus Earrings Studs 
  • Bath Bomb
  • Bath Salts
  • Blue Raspberry Gourmet Popcorn (3.2 oz)
  • Personalized Greeting Card (Enter Custom Message at Checkout)
  • Charitable Donation to One of Our Partner Charities (Instructions Included for Gift Recipient to Select Charity)

Select One of Our Brilliant Gift Crates or Boxes

pine gift crate for women man crates for women

 Premium Pine Crate with Lid

Premium pine crate made by hand in the USA.   These beautiful wooden crates will add a touch of class to any gift.  Each crate is carefully packed by our gifting experts, wrapped in a black satin ribbon and packed in a cardboard box for shipping.  Your gift recipient will want to repurpose these crates as home decor or storage.

Sealed Shipping Crate with Pry Bar

The ultimate "fun" gifting experience.  After your gift is carefully packed in the crate we seal the crate.   The crate is then packed in a cardboard box with a pry bar.   When she receives the gift crate she will have to work to get the crate open.   Get your phone out as this gift opening experience is something you will want to record.

decorative gift box for women gift box for her

 Decorative Keepsake Box with Diamond

Made to look like a giant ring box our beautiful decorative keepsake box with diamond is an impressive gift to receive.   When she open the lid she will see a stunning 4.75" glass diamond sitting on a black velvet tray.   The diamond can be engraved with her name or other text.   Both the diamond and box make great home decor.  The decorative keepsake box is wrapped in a beautiful satin silver ribbon and shipped in a cardboard box.

Brilliant Gifts Branded Gift Box

These black corrugated mailer boxes make a great impression.  Printed on the outside of the box is "Brilliant Gifts for Brilliant People,"  When she opens the lid on the inside is printed "There are over 7 billion people on the earth and at least one thinks You are Brilliant."   Your gift will ship in a cardboard box and when they open the box they will see this stunning black box.   Add an engraved diamond keepsake to personalize your gift.

A Little Prickly (Cactus Gift Crate)
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Cactus Gift Box 

"A Little Prickly" Story

You know what, I made a mistake. I hate that. I said stuff I didn't mean, and I feel awful and would like to apologize to you. To be honest though, it's understandable that I have made such poor decisions because everybody makes some bad mistakes. I mean think of it:


- The captain of the Titanic was stubborn and refused to slow down the ship, and look what happened there


- 12 publishers turned down J.K. Rowling before somebody finally gave her a chance on "Harry Potter"


- Julius Caesar accidentally burned down the Library at Alexandria.  Who KNOWS what sort of knowledge went along with it? 


- A woman in England Lost her winning lottery ticket work $181 Million Dollars.


So if you think about it, with all my mistakes I am still in pretty good company. But nonetheless, I am sorry for being so prickly.   

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